Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Manners.

If you don't have Littles, you probably don't think much about manners unless you've had a recent  run-in with someone who abandoned theirs. But for someone like me who is in the trenches of molding Littles into decent humans (fingers crossed), much energy and exhausting consistency is spent approving/disapproving Littles' behaviors. I have extremely high expectations of my Littles behavior, expectations I realize are inherited because my brother seems the same way with his Littles. I don't think I am unreasonable in my expectations and if the Little Girls think I am, they'll speak up. Now that The Little Girls are school age, I rely on a book I used as a teacher; The Essential 55.

(back cover of the book)
What about you, do you spend time and energy on teaching manners? What are your biggest bad manner pet peeves? Me? I loose it when I hear someone say "SHUT UP!" in response to someone else. Like I vehemently hate it and will correct anyone (adult or child) who says it (my blood pressure rose just typing the phrase...) or when someone sticks out their tongue or rolls eyes in response and of course when "Please" and "Thank You" are forgotten. Do you come into contact with adults or children with better manners?

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