Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Love Gift.

A package arrived for The Goo today. When I opened the box I gasped, smiled and swallowed a sob in my throat because inside was quilt made by Jenni for Grady, just like the quilts she had made for The Little Girls when they were babies. The Little Girls have always kept their quilts on the bottom half of their beds for a warmer snuggle against cold nights, and now The Goo will do the same. I am in awe of Jenni's gift because I know the many hats she wears each and every day and how impossible it is to find time to sit down and design a quilt for your own child let alone anyone else's. I know she doesn't give this type of love gift to just anyone and so I feel quite lucky to have a friend who has given such a rare, unique and special treasured keepsake to Grady. Lucky indeed. Thank you Jenni. You are so dear to me.

Grady's first realization of his gift.
A love note.
The Little Girls got excited and brought their quilts out for a cuddle too.
Perfect fit.

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