Friday, April 12, 2013

Goo's Room.

While tidying up The Goo's room yesterday I realized I should take a couple photos to prove it has looked organized and finished even if just for a few seconds (there's a reason I'm only showing you one and a half walls...oh if only you could see the chaos of toys and whatnot behind the lens here...ha!).
This room has always been a work in progress and I have so enjoyed finding bits and pieces at thrift stores or antique fairs and putting in some time on my sewing machine. For example I found the Dwell Studio bedding second hand and in pristine condition for $3.00 and I about peed my pants with excitement over my discovery/the price since it was my first choice originally yet was discontinued in the color/pattern I had hoped for (of course I found it a year after I had originally looked...patience grasshopper...). The letters I purchased for $1.75/each from Anthropologie. The animal artwork on the left hand wall is by Ryan Berkley. I made the bed skirt and the curtains, Tim's Great Auntie Lily made the afghan on the chair, the green dresser is from this post and my Aunt Carolyn gifted Grady the animal mobile. My lovely friend Sharon painted the little fox in the upper right hand corner and the other two prints I picked up here and there.

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