Thursday, April 11, 2013


At 6:30 in the evening, The Littles start getting antsy. They know The Store is closed and Tim will be making his way home. The excitement starts with all three Littles at the door (weather permitting) or scoping out hiding spots to give Tim a good scare as he walks through the door. Then the Little Girls find interest elsewhere and The Goo mans his post waiting patiently as each car passes. He makes himself comfortable with his blankets and a favorite truck and just passes the time hopefully and happily. Yesterday was the perfect example of this and I was finally able to capture the anticipation from where I stood cooking dinner.
The Littles at 6:20.
The Goo realizes he is the last Little standing in wait.
Looking out from his perch.
Yay! He's home safe and sound.
And all is well at The Honey Hut.

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