Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter At Sharon's.

Easter at Sharon's is such a treat, The Little Girls start talking about it right after Christmas. They have such fond spring memories from Easter's past playing in her lovely garden. Here they are with The Little Boys (Hudson and Jack) playing "Red Light, Green Light".
Sharon puts a great amount of time and energy into each Easter basket and plans a fun egg hunt for both The Littles and the adults.
My Littles and Sadie.
My brother Jared and Hank.
Jackson waited so patiently for the hunt to begin. He was so into the game, we did it a second time.
When I see The Littles running around in Sharon's garden, I always think of Alice in Wonderland. They have such fun adventures playing in the fountain and following the leader down the different paths.
The Loot.

Little Love.

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