Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday.

Sunday morning The Little Girls dressed fancily in their new Spring dresses from Grandma (they are loved and well-worn!) and we excitedly made our way to Sharon's for Easter. This tradition is so special to us here at The Honey Hut. I adore watching all the children follow Sharon around as she does fun projects with them and plays whatever they want to play. She lives completely in the moment with each child, it is truely remarkable to watch them flock to her as she make gigantic bubbles for The Little Boys and sews baby blankets for The Little Girls. 
Grady gobbling Melissa's Company Oatmeal...
then needing a bath to get it out of his hair and ears. 
Ivy pal-ing around with Sharon, running in one door and out the next.
Savannah and Jackson in the playroom.
Easter baskets for all the kids.
Egg Hunt.
Visiting with Sharon and Dennis.
Bunny Ears.
My brother, Jared.
Botting Bunnies.
The Little Girls playing in the fountain.
Thank you Sharon and Dennis for a fun, relaxing day!

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