Friday, April 20, 2012


On our trip to Ireland, I bought a Baggu Bag. It set me back 10 Euros (yes, half my week's personal money). I cannot tell you how handy this big/little bag is. It is wicked strong, holding up to 50lbs and folds into a 4x4 pouch. I pack 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of food in it while checking out, justifying a pinch of earth-saving pride. Recently I have been seeing Baggu in magazines and on other blogs, I just hopped over to their website (after first finding a coupon) and ordered two more in honor of Earth Day (just trying to do my part!). Go Here to shop for a Baggu bag, then use the code earthday12 for $5.00 off your order. Can't do it before Sunday? That's okay, here's another coupon  lovemom for 20% off your order.
 You're welcome.

Oh, and thank you Bethany. Whew, thanks for commenting and not leaving me hanging. I felt a little vulnerable after that post, beings that I'm all awkward about money-talk!

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