Thursday, April 12, 2012


The Little Girls share a room, toys and often clothes. There are very few spaces they can call their own and so when Auntie Angela gave each a monogrammed jewelry box a few years back they relished the idea that this space was theirs alone and neither sister can look in or take from another's box. Savannah's is always meticulously decorated, here with her beloved La La Lopsy Girls.
And Ivy's is a secret stash of what she currently finds precious. It is a good hiding place for her too. I try to respect her privacy but know right where to go whenever I am missing my red lipstick or favorite necklace. She finds keepsakes of mine, pieces from my childhood she also holds dear. Yesterday her jewelry box drawer was open, a familiar photo caught my eye and forced a sneak peek. An elementary school photo of Jenny Costerisan, childhood and long-time friend.
Shoes however, are no place of privacy as exhibited here with Tim's slippers. Easter bunnies are put to bed, tucked in tight with Sharon's blankies.

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  1. awww, that's too sweet!:) and those bunnies are so cute...and so much better than finding legos in your shoes like we do here, lol! :)