Friday, April 5, 2013


Found: This entry in Savannah's school journal yesterday.
Note To Self: MAKE TIME FOR THIS (and not just for Savannah Jane, but for one-on-one time with Ivy and Goo too).

Found: Best Friends.
So Mollie Mae is living with us while my Dad is away. Honestly, I don't know how she and Pug will be able to live apart from here on out. Also, the smell of these two mutts is lip-curlingly rank. When the sun comes out they are getting baths.
So what's happening this weekend Honey Hutters? I am looking forward to a BBQ tonight with new friends (who live around the corner, yay!) spending some time on The Ranch and some Spring cleaning. Whatever it is you are up to friends, Happy Weekend!

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  1. Savannah's journal entry is so cute! I finally signed up to follow by email. :) Happy weekend to you, too!