Monday, October 13, 2014

The Wild Woods.

My friend, neighbor and bee partner Krista has had unwelcome company to her Silver Tip Ranch lately. The first night the bear visited he tore down her garden fence, found the chicken tractor and killed 18 meat chickens. Devastating. He came back every night for the next week during which time she moved the alive and injured meat chickens to the barn with the goats and she and I secured the bee hives by strapping them to cinderblocks. Fish and Game dropped this contraption off on Friday night, we all went over for a good look.
We anxiously waited for Krista's early morning text each day this weekend on whether or not they caught the bear but wouldn't you know, he didn't show up. But there are several spots of evidence in the form of huge piles around our neighborhood so...
At this time of year there are typically a few bear sightings or evidence of bear activity simply because of the abundance of fruit on the orchard floors. It seems the concern is intensified this year, perhaps because of the fire (animals driven out of their homes), or maybe because Krista's ranch is a mere 400 yards from our hut.

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