Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Block Party.

Every year all the neighbors on 2nd street have a block party. We have heard of the block party in years past and were invited last year but it wasn't until our friend (and resident on 2nd) Tara insisted that we decided to attend. The homes on 2nd street are closer together than just up the road where our acre is and so of course the neighbors on 2nd are all friends and like a close-knit family of homes happily perched overlooking Apple Hill's North country. Our next door neighbors Kevin and Nita introduced us to the family (Bryce and Gertrude) at the top of 2nd street years ago and funnily enough, they introduced us just last night to our neighbor just below our property! So nice to finally meet Susan from the next acre! The music set a good vibe, the local wines tasty, Bryce brought out his antique wood burning stove to provide heat while the fairy lights sparkled. Oh and the food?? The food was the best! People on 2nd know how to cook! Savannah's teacher and other Camino teachers were there and other friends from around our tiny town. It was lovely to be included. I keep falling deeper and deeper in love with this tiny town.

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