Monday, October 6, 2014

Palm Desert.

We spent a week in Palm Desert at Marriott Shadow Ridge with my brother's family. It was cousin heaven.

The Littles all played Lego, trains, painted, colored and ran around the golf course at dusk.
They were spoiled to have so many Disney shows available at all hours of the day.
Savannah, Ivy, Jackson, Grady and Hank all showed enormous improvement in their swimming skills. Ivy and Jackson in particular were so brave since our trip a year ago.
Tim and Jared golfed a bit throughout the week. One morning they golfed the course outside our condo and Littles ran to meet them as they drew near.
Our friend Andy came to stay and play with us. He made a sweet film of The Littles swimming and made them all happy by running around crazy with them on the course.
Every evening we took a night walk to the activity center to run around on the playground and play inside the VW van in the rec room, this was Grady's favorite time of day.
(thank you for the photos Jared, Jenny and Andy!) 

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