Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let Them Be Little.

I've been served up a bit of nostalgia this week. It all began when Savannah's soccer coach from her Kindergarten year left her team photo at the school for us--she looks so tiny in the photos after all, it was 3 full years ago. Thinking back to that time, everything was new; Savannah started school, Ivy had long days without her best friend at home, The Goo was brand was a lot of change ups but overall a sweet, sweet time.
Homework lately is killing our family time which in turn makes Tim and I cranky and yelly and bitter. After a particularly terrible night like this and the next morning not much better, I felt robbed of happy, playful, Littles time and midway through the day decided to pick up The Little Girls early for a treat. A treat to Savannah and Grady means something sugary, but to Ivy means a new toy or show. I took them to Mill View (which made 2 of the 3 happy) for something sugary and to have playtime at their Little Town.
It took Goo no longer that 10 seconds (or about the time it takes to climb a slide) in Little Town to fall flat on his face in powdery Camino red dirt after a swift shot down what definitely is the fastest and most dangerous slide in Apple Hill.
The Little Girls had fun on the seesaw. More about this in a quick scroll down...
This western style buildings and old timey playground equipment gave My Littles a chance to play in a new space and enjoy a break. Way more fun than going home and doing homework. At the end of our date The Little Girls wanted one more go on the seesaw, I gave them 5 minutes and when time was up, Savannah jumped off in the lowest position sending Ivy straight down, organs deflated like an accordion. The injury screams were a sad end to our fun outing. Both girls felt awful about the seesaw experience, it was a tough lesson to learn. Making memories here, folks. Something to be nostalgic about in a few years.

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