Monday, October 20, 2014

Around Here.

Over the weekend we worked in the garden and around the acre doing a bit of Autumn cleaning. Savannah invited Wrenna over and we went to visit my Grandparents and took a trip to the library.
I also started rehabbing this antique steamer trunk I purchased early last Spring at a storage sale. I haven't stripped a piece of furniture in a while and I've never worked with a trunk before so I had no idea how to go about this. The bones of this trunk are pretty good and I believe paint and a lot of elbow grease I can give this trunk a new life. There is just one thing that bothers me about it...the smell. From the warping of the wood at the base, I can tell it sat in water at one point and so the mustiness is just...ew.
But now that I have removed a bit of the paper and cleaned up the drawers I can tolerate it more. Next I'll seal it with primer then choose paint. I'll post photos when there is more progress but for now I think the hardest part (scraping the paper) is over.

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