Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friday Night Lights.

On Friday night we went to El Dorado High School's Homecoming game. Our friend Kevin teaches leadership at EDH and his classes plan and oversee all the events surrounding Homecoming. Because of Kevin's involvement he invited Savannah and Ivy to join his daughters, Wrenna and Amani, on the field to welcome the home team, bring out the flags and ride in the prince/princess, king/queen parade!
This photo cracks me up! To the right: Homecoming royalty. To the left: Ivy, Savannah, Wrenna and Amani in the cab of the truck. Savannah and Ivy said these two "royals" were kissing the whole time and all The Little Girls were just laughing and screaming, cringing in what Savannah described as "grossness". You should have heard the giggles...
Also, THIS hijacked what was a beautiful day in Apple Hill. Suspect is still at large. Our street was closed for 2 hours with SWAT teams searching house to house. "Shelter In Place" is a phrase I never expected to hear once I answered the reverse 911 call I received. And "Shelter In Place" is intensely nerve-racking. Paranoia takes over. Very unsettling, scary shit.

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