Monday, October 27, 2014

8 At The Lake.

On Friday Tim, Grady and I dropped The Little Girls at school and hit the bike trail for a 10 mile ride from Placerville back up to Camino (that's a 1,266 ft climb in elevation, people!). On the way home, Tim had the best idea: he suggested we call The Potter's and our friend Mike and ask if we could take all their Little Girls with us and ours to the lake for an afternoon adventure. And so we did!
Front: Ivy, Amani, Grady, Tim, Gemma, Wrenna and Savannah.
The Girls were happy and hilariously hyper about this unexpected after school adventure.
And Tim and I skipped rocks (competitively, of course) and watched all the girls play and swim while Goo climbed and crashed from the tops of gnarly tree stumps.
The water was peaceful and the shore, serene. Not another human around. It was the perfect way to kick off a beautiful Autumn weekend.

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