Friday, January 31, 2014

While We Were Away...

the Littles stayed with Aunt Susanne, Uncle Blair and Cousin Lollie. They were tenderly loved and cared for, and I didn't worry for a minute that everything was covered for my three Littles: from school schedules and homework to bedtime fears and odd sleeping patterns. 
And I got some sweet updates as to what they were up to while Tim and I were on a wee holiday. The Goo got to see Great Grandma's fishies and enjoyed the companionship of Bentley while playing tools.
The Little Girls took a bath in the Jacuzzi tub and got play sleepover in Lollie's room. They went to pizza and frozen yogurt, to Combellack's on Main and to Lollie's work too. When I asked them each their favorite thing about staying at Aunt Susanne's they said,
Goo: "Reow." (Arthur the cat)
Ivy: "Being with Lollie."
Savannah: "When Zuzanne took us to see her chickens and showed us her Black Silkie. That was the best."
Thank you Susanne, Blair and Laura for loving on My Littles, providing such a warm and homey environment for them and for spending quality time with each of them. I am delighted they will never forget the time they spent with you these last few days, my heart is so happy. Thank you.

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