Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Family Portrait.

I have finished this year's (or last year's?) family portrait in cross-stitch. I decided to use burlap instead of traditional cross-stitch fabric because it felt more earth-y and rugged, suiting my backyard farm mentality. This particular piece is from an old feed sack I picked up a long time ago somewhere.
I couldn't leave out Pug or My Lovelies.
 Ivy decided she still wanted to be holding a balloon would also like to be holding her Daddy's hand.
Savannah wanted to be holding a balloon also but I went with a gold handbag since she wouldn't be caught leaving The Hut without one.
The Littles are getting bigger, even in cross-stitch.
Now I need to find the perfect thrifted frame and hang it with the others.
2011, 2012.

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