Monday, January 13, 2014

This And That.

This might not look like much besides Littles eating Cheez-its outdoors, but these terraced boxes are my future larger garden. Yes, we are taking The Honey Hut up a notch by clearing and planting something other than tomatoes and zucchini. We spent the entire weekend cutting, clearing and burning refuse and talking about backyard farming. We have a little over an acre here at The Hut, plenty of space as long as we can hold back the manzanitas and cedars. I pulled out 30ish cedar saplings to allow our other trees to develop and in the process I've exposed two healthy madrone trees, which are quite lovely. This property has several mature walnut and apple trees, Tim and I only need water and pay attention to.
Today while Goo played in the raked leaves, I took on a new project by digging holes for and planting 5 of my 10 new blueberry bushes. Tomorrow I hope to finish blueberries and start on a special blackberry varietal I am excited about. Outside of the future harvest, the best part about working your own land? The dog-tired sleep at night, sore-all-over-the-next-morning tell-tale signs of an honest day's work in the garden.

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