Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Trip.

Tim and I, Jared and Jenny are in...
Okay, so I really wanted this to be the iconic Vegas sign but it's just a shop in this mall area attached to our hotel/casino. Las Vegas is so strange for me. After lunch I asked the waitress how to get outside and she said, "Outside the restaurant?" And I answered, "No outside, outside." She asked "Outside the mall into the casino?" And I said, "NO. Outside into the fresh air." She asked, "Why, do you need to smoke?" Me, irritated and suddenly feeling like the walls are closing in, "No. I need to be outdoors." She then gave me a very complicated set of directions that led me into a covered parking garage. Hmm...
We did something so fun tonight. We are here for a flooring convention for our store. Our friend Nathan is here from Tennessee for a furniture convention for his store. We met up, it was a grand time. Jared and I grew up with Nathan and his sister Jen, our moms were best friends. His family moved across the country when we were young and we have seen each other only a handful of times. But true old friends, you just catch up from where you've left off, you know? It was easy and lovely. I saw Nate 8 years ago, for Jared it's been 21 years. 

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