Friday, January 10, 2014


This week has been weird. The Little Girls are back in school and their daily lives are very scheduled and structured. They've been emotional in the mornings and afternoons in the hours surrounding school. I know they miss holiday break, freedom and being home all day. I miss them terribly too.

Goo has been exceptionally testy, grouchy and all around trouble. The only distraction making him happy is what he calls a "Cane Pop" (candy cane). I only have five left.

Currently Ivy is afraid of the blind witch in Hansel and Gretel, spurring all sorts of nightmares and other wonky fears.

Savannah is desperate for some alone time with me. This was our conversation yesterday after school
Savannah: "Mommy, when you were my age did you ever wish you were an only child?"
Me: "Everyday."
Savannah: "I wish I was an only child."
Me: "Why?"
Savannah: "Because you and Daddy don't have enough time for me."
Me: (hand on guilt-gripped heart) "We'll work on having more time, okay?"
Savannah: "Okay but I still wish it sometimes."

As I type this, Ivy is sleeping next to me and by that I mean mostly on me, perhaps this closeness will keep the blind witch at bay. Tim, Goo and Savannah are camping out in our backpacking tent set up in Grady's room. I'm so happy the weekend is here. No plans, no schedule. Just quality time reconnecting all together, at ease in The Hut.

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