Monday, February 3, 2014


Every morning I get out of bed and head outside to let out the chickens. This morning was no different except for the sadness which welcomed me. Wrenna Chicken lay stiff on the soft pine shavings, with no signs of life. I have no idea how she died, there was no wound or sign of struggle. The Littles were awake when I went back into the house, I found a box and asked if they wanted to say goodbye. They followed me out to the coop with heavy hearts and big rolling tears. Ivy held the box as I scooped Wrenna Chicken up and gently set her inside. The Little Girls gave her one last stroke and a little love, then Goo and I headed down to the bottom of the acre. While I dug a hole, Goo alternated between playing trucks/tinkering with his lawn mower and petting Wrenna Chicken while asking questions.
"Bock Bock?"
And when I turned to answer he gave her a little kiss and said "bye bye, Bock Bock."
He helped me carry the box to the hole and watched me place her inside. Then went back to playing trucks and mowing the dirt.
It's been a glum day at The Honey Hut. Our hearts are a bit shredded from our loss of this Lovely.

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