Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Room With A View.

The Little Girls have a reward coming to them if they can keep their bedroom clean for an entire month. They have been so diligent the last few days to maintain tidiness. Our friend Jenni stayed with us for the weekend and they worked hard to impress her with a spotless space however, they were less likely to play with their toys because they didn't want to have to re-tidy afterwards.
They set up two little bedrooms for their new Valentine's dollies, I just love their housing choices. Ivy's doll lives in an old jewelry box and Savannah's a tin lunchbox.
I am pleased to see order whenever I walk past their bedroom but I am also a bit bummed they aren't playing with their little dollies. I do love to hear the storylines they come up with when they think I'm not listening.

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