Thursday, February 6, 2014

Round The Bend.


I believe we are headed towards health in The Hut. The Goo just threw up an hour ago so I'm thinking he isn't quite there yet but the rest seem to have rallied. Since my last post Tim, Savannah, Ivy and Goo all had an 8 hour nasty stomach flu followed by 24 hours of complete lethargy. When Tim is sick, he sleeps and sleeps...a lot. Savannah needs her back scratched and lots of snuggling and then apologizes profusely for me having to clean her up while vomiting. Ivy is always a fighter. She fights being sick, screams while being sick and wallows after she was sick. She is pissed off throughout the whole process and everyone here knows it. She reacts the way we all want to react but don't have the balls to do so. Goo walks up to me, says his "tumbie" hurts, reaches up for a snuggle, pulls his pacifier out of his mouth and vomits then looks at me stunned. No tears, no screams. If he weren't a total mess of sick each time, he'd go back to playing with his toys. So this is what my week has looked like. Their flu has kept be away from digging fence post holes and burning leaves. Taking care of the three Littles while they are this sick can be overwhelming but I haven't minded one bit the constant cuddling, staying in pjs all day and making a huge sick bed on the living room floor. It will be sweet to see their smiling faces and hear them pretend play when they are all well again. 

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