Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marking Time.

There is so much change and growth happening with The Littles. Savannah is reading all the time and very interested in history, specifically the Titanic and early 1900's. She has been writing her own books and taking great pains with the illustrations. Ivy is asking on a regular basis for alone time with me, sharing secrets about her day, worrying about her big teeth coming in before her little teeth have left her mouth type of big problems a 6 year-old has and trying to grasp ideas like how life is created and how fragile it is. Goo is talking so much these days. He pretends he is off to work for the day, gives me a kiss and tells me what his job is for the day. Usually he goes to work with Grandpa Dan on the tractor. Today he was on his way to the doctor for work. He had a play date today with his buddy Luxon. It was a lot of parallel play but sweet to see him hold his own without his big sisters as a buffer.
I feel like these days are slipping through my fingers. The Littles seem ridiculously bigger each morning they awake and in the busyness of life I have to stop myself and make an effort to remember these precious fleeting moments.

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