Friday, August 2, 2013

Ranch Loot.

The O Henry's are ripe at The Ranch. Even though the trees were thinned earlier in the summer, the branches have split and broke. This fragrant, fuzzy fruit, plump and pregnant with sweet juice was too much weight on the growth of these 2 year-old trees. Quite luckily I am caring for The Ranch for a few days and so I am taking full advantage of this harvest. Today I'm making jam. And tomorrow a pie. Oh, the best Peach jam I've ever had was Tamber's Champagne Peach (Bellini) Jam. It was unreal and very fancy (obviously, the name).
Tim is home from a business trip and so The Littles and I are quite excited to spend the weekend snuggling on him. Whatever it is you are up to this weekend, I wish you happy! 

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