Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Miss Ivy had a great birthday.
She woke up to the birthday song and EXACTLY what she wished for, a big and little sister Lalaloopsy set, from Grandma and Grandpa. I made her favorite breakfast and then she had to quickly get ready for Kinder Round Up (a 2 hour meet-and-greet with her teacher Mrs. T).
(I think she looks just like my mom in this photo)
Tim rode the bus to school with her, she was very brave and only looked back at me once. I was waiting for the emotional "scrunchedupfacearmsoutfingersgrabbingforme" panic attack to strike but it didn't, so I was relieved then incredibly disappointed and sad. I choked back a large sob as the bus pulled away. Then got back in the car to meet them at the school.
Ivy walked into her classroom and shook hands with her teacher, then went to the mat and pretended she was okay. I could see she was about to break form so Tim and I grabbed Savannah and Goo (who thinks he owns the place), and hurried out of the classroom. She took the bus home by herself, I couldn't be prouder of this Little Red.
She decided on Sushi for dinner (yay!) where I made her don the traditional birthday hat.
Tomorrow is the first full day of school.

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