Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The First Day.

The Little Girls started school today. When we dropped Ivy off at her classroom, she hardly hesitated.

(This photo says it all; Savannah is pensive and nervous, Ivy is confident and happy and Little Goo just wants to be a big kid.)
Ivy walked in to find her friend from yesterday's Round Up and off they went to play toys on the mats. She didn't even look back. I cried. Mostly because I am happy this is a smooth transition but also because I was sad she wouldn't miss me today like I would miss her. But she is completely ready to begin her education, as she should be. That is what this whole extra year at home with me was all about: making certain she was ready.
 Ack, this look kills me. I want to calm all Savannah's worries and fears for her by taking her in my arms and out of discomfort when she gives me this mug. I can't hard to leave her looking like this...that tight smile...ugh.
I was on pins and needles all day, anxious to hear about each exciting detail. Both Little Girls had a great day at school. I got the full report the moment they stepped off the bus.

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