Thursday, August 8, 2013


Ivy Jane has been in Kinder-Kamp with Mrs. Reeves this week. She is incredibly more confident to start school than Miss Savannah was but then again, she has seen her big sister off to school every day for the past two years and knows the routine by now (her Mama on the other hand...sniff, sniff). She did get a bit of a quivered chin that first day we dropped her off but now she is ready, dressed and teeth brushed before the other Littles have blinked the sleep out of their eyes.
And Goo...that lucky son of a gun...gets a sweet ride around the Kindergarten courtyard from Savannah while we wait for Ivy's class to finish. Secretly I know Savannah loves this, she has spoken fondly of these little bikes off and on since her early days in Kindergarten.

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