Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Odd Woman Out.

This is what I miss most about The Little Girls being in school all day: unlimited hand-holding. I miss their sweet little hands reaching out to mine as we walk along or as I help them in and out of the car. Their absence during the school day is strange for me. A little too quiet. I keep thinking of projects I need to do to keep my mind off their being gone. And today when I had an hour to myself as Goo slept, I found myself picking up my book and reading, uninterrupted. It felt wrong or weird or like I was slacking around the house and property when I should/could be utilizing that time to clean bathrooms, fold laundry or finish the chicken run in the garden. I'm not sure what to make of this time with just Goo and I at home. I haven't been in the company of just one of My Littles for long periods of time in 6 years. Whatever this is, it is new, and is going to take some adjusting.

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