Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quite A Few Things.

-I spoke comfortably in Spanish yesterday, off the cuff and for the first time in a long time. I usually dream in Spanish, flawlessly I might add. My friend Esmeralda once told me the only way a non-Spanish speaker speaks perfect Spanish is in a dream or while inebriated. Anyways, I think I communicated well and I feel proud.

-Today we had a break from the smoke of the Yosemite Rim Fire. By "a break" I mean we only had smoke for a little this morning. I just read a discouraging report describing the immense efforts battling the blaze and the projected complete containment? Months away. Until the Autumn rains put it out. Ugh...Heavy.

-The Goo put on a fantastic show of screaming all morning yesterday, I was strung out last night from emotional overload. When I woke up this morning beside two of my three children (I swear this smoke is giving The Honey Hut nightmares galore), I knew something had to give.

So Goo and I attended "Mother Goose Is On The Loose" nursery rhyme time at our local library. The Little Girls and I used to go to this First Five Program only, it was a lot more of a challenge having two children to spend equal amounts of time between. I felt a bit free to only participate with Goo. Piece of cake. Then we went to the feed store to look at baby chicks (I know, I'm sick...bird flu). We went thrift shopping and came across this...

Once we got it in the car, he couldn't keep his eyes open he was so exhausted.

-Savannah told me the first sign of aging is wrinkly hands. Then she told me my hands look wrinkly. Awesome.

-As you may know we don't really watch television here at The Hut. The Little Girls watch movies once in a while but at the start of the school year Tim and I decided to make a household rule of no t.v. viewing during the school week, only limited movies on the weekend. In case you are wondering, it took The Little Girls exactly 10 days to stop asking to watch a show. They are comfortable now with our routine and we are taking many trips to the library, checking out books on CD, chapter and picture books and children's music CDs. This detachment from t.v. has been a bumpy road but one necessary to the emotional health of one Little in particular and now that we are consistent and vigilant, her healing has changed the dynamic of our family time together. It's that big of a deal.

-I had a nightmare Monday night and still I just can't shake it. Here's how it went...Our Little family was touring a new area in search of a new place to live. Everyone kept telling us to visit Bolstoy. On our way, we drove past a road that dead ended off a sheer cliff. We looked at each other and Tim said, "let's make sure NOT to go that way." But we ended up lost and backtracking, heading towards the mountains on a very straight path. Before we knew it our minivan was flying off that cliff and we looked at each other knowingly then told each Little how rich they made our lives and the depth of our love. They were smiling and singing, "weeee!!!" Then I woke up.

-Today Savannah looked just like my Mom. Her hair, her outfit, the way she ran and smiled. It was beautiful.

-I am reading a great book. I couldn't handle the suspense of the big secret the main character holds. I looked in the back and potentially ruined the surprise for myself. Now I'm not sure I want to finish it. I'm trying to break my habit of abandoning books. Trying not to be a difficult...

-Just now I spent the better part of a half hour up in our overgrown, not-been-pruned-in-two-years plum tree rescuing Ginger and Beatrice from roosting high in the branches. When the sun goes down, and if chickens haven't made it into the coop, they roost up as high as they can for they have night-blindness. Before we found them in the plum tree, we searched their favorite haunts. On my way around the lilac bush, I felt a crackle on my face as I walked straight into this...
with my face!!!!!! I can still hear that crackle of web-strands snapping. Can't blame the smoke on nightmares tonight.

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