Monday, August 31, 2015

Saying Goodbye To The Very Best.

For the past 2 years I have sat in this kitchen 2-3, sometimes up to 4 mornings a week drinking coffee with Tara. Littles played at our feet or upstairs in the playroom or out in the yard while we sat marveling of them, discussing their triumphs and failures, hoping for their bright futures, cracking up at the things they say and sharing our hard times raising Littles. We shared recipes, clothes, children with food allergies, a deep involvement in our Littles' schooling, instilling in them a love of outdoors and teaching them about artists and different styles of art (we did summer art school once a week for all the Littles, we all loved it! We used this book). Tara and I gardened together, shared books, shared a love for running--helping each other train for different races, we both have family businesses and our husbands work long hours. We both have a loving parent who has passed away. Tara has been a partner to me, having coffee with her and watching our Littles grow has been akin to "going to the office"/"heading into work". We met when she changed schools after a few weeks into the school year, her daughter Olive joined Ivy's Kinder class and the rest is history. Tara, Olive and Luxen left this morning early to start a new life in Poulsbo, Washington. They are joining Jeremy, who has been working up there the last few weeks. They have bought a lovely house and piece of property. I am so happy for them--to settle down, raise a farm, start fresh in a place Jeremy's business can thrive.
And I am sad for me. Friendship came easily between Tara and I. I hate to see her leave and...I really did. This morning, hoping she hadn't pulled out of her driveway yet, I got up with the sun and took her a last cup of coffee to share at her house in Camino. Her Littles and I talked while she finished packing the car. We loaded up her 3 cats and I watched them pull away; from me, from Camino and from a future here. 
Tara packing up while we chat, coffee and Little Boys play.
Tara, Olive and Luxen at Silver Lake.
Goodbye dinner for the Morris' Family at Potter's. This group is together often on Saturday nights during the Summer at Potter's ranch. (l-r Mike, Tara, Jeremy, Potter, Tim, myself, Krista behind the camera)
All our Littles playing as the sun goes down here in Camino.

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