Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Day of 2nd and 4th Grade, Last Day of 7.

Today The Little Girls started back at school. Ivy is in 2nd Grade and Savannah is in 4th. Both girls are on the same campus but they now go to different schools. Ivy is in the traditional program with a favorite teacher of ours while Savannah was accepted into the Science and Natural Resource Charter School. They will see each other in passing each day but no longer share recess together.

Sending The Little Girls back to school is difficult for me. I miss them terribly. I am not the mom who dreads summer and can't wait to get the kids back in classes again. I am the mom who comes home after drop-off and sadly looks at the last places The Little Girls touched, pining for them. The half eaten pancake swimming in a syrupy dish on the table, the 3 outfits that didn't make the cut strewn across the house in piles on the floor, beds unmade and loved stuffies settling in for the long day without their people. Sniff, sniff. I might be the mom who told Goo, "Let's go clean the girls' room and make it nice for them when they come home!" just so I could sit in the light of their living space for a bit longer. I likely have a harder time sending them back to school than they have readjusting from easy summer to school schedule. I'll get back into the swing of things soon I'm sure. 
Also, today is Ivy's last day of 7. For the last few weeks she has been so excited for her birthday. Just now as I kissed her goodnight, she told me she was sad. She wants to stay 7, is a bit afraid of turning 8. She wants to stay little forever and you know? I am right there with her.

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