Monday, August 24, 2015

A Mountain Date.

On Friday I took The Littles to Grandpa and Grumbie's house for the weekend and Tim and I celebrated a late, late anniversary weekend. Our destination/plan? Stay home and do things normally challenging with 3 Littles. We ate at our favorite local restaurants and our big outing was to hike out of Echo Lake as far as we felt we could without loosing enjoyment of the adventure. Which took us to Tamarac Lake. Tim was the first to get in, brave lad, the waters were cold. And the lake is a bit eerie: the shoreline is rocky and shallow for about 10 feet out then an extreme dark drop off awaits. I was spooked.   
But not enough to miss out. I forgot my suit but couldn't resist a refreshing swim. So in true adventure style, skinny-dipped.
I have always wanted to take the water taxi across both lakes (upper and lower Echo) and so on the hike back down Tim indulged me. The cabins on the perimeter of the lake and on the islands were charming and picturesque.

Tim and I haven't had a "trip" or time away from Littles in quite some time. It is easy for a relationship to get put on the backburner while family time and the raising of Littles presses emergent. After some perspective and alone time with Tim I realize how very important it is to reconnect with my partner. Thank you to Tim's parents for taking such tremendously good care of our Littles and for spoiling them so fantastically.

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