Monday, August 17, 2015

Ivy is 8.

All Ivy wanted to do for her birthday was go to Granite Arch and rock climb with her family. We loved the idea! So her Grandparents, Margaret and Gordon, met us up in Sacramento and we spent the afternoon watching The Littles climb.
She chose The Old Spaghetti Factory for her birthday dinner.
And opened a few presents, she got exactly what she wanted!
Her actual birthday fell on the 2nd day of school, she wanted chocolate dipped meringues to share with her class then peach cobbler for dessert after dinner.
Grandpa Dan and Sylvia joined us for dessert and celebrating Ivy's turning 8. This Little Red is sweet, tender, loving and funny. She has a mind of her own and marches to the beat of her own little drum. I can't wait to see how she grows this new year.
By the way, Ivy is the best sleeper. She knows just when she has had enough, powers down and once asleep, sleeps solid. I love and admire this about her, she doesn't try to push herself into exhaustion and values the rejuvenation of a good night's sleep.

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