Monday, August 10, 2015

Nevada City Craft Fair.

On Friday afternoon we met up with Shannon and John for a fun evening in Nevada City. Each year The Miner's Foundry hosts The Nevada City Craft Fair where local artists and crafters set up booths and present their treasures for sale.
Littles waiting to see their aunt and uncle.
Shannon and John spoiling the girls with a choice lovey for their birthdays. (Thank you!)
The venue.
Where boys sit and wait for girls who shop.
We each walked away with something special, one of a kind items. A fun little story: while perusing beautifully screen printed t-shirts, the artist and her boyfriend leaned over saying, "We couldn't help but hear you talking with your son, did you say his name was Grady?" I said yes and the boyfriend said, "My name is Grady too! And get this, my dad's name is Tim." Neat connection as we have never before met a Grady and certainly not a Grady whose dad's name is also Tim! Mind blow. We all got a kick out of such a unique coincidence. The evening was such fun exploring a different town with Shannon and John.
Saturday morning Savannah Jane got a back to school haircut. I just had to share her first look reaction, she loves it.   

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