Monday, August 3, 2015

Peaches And Littles.

The peaches are ready at Sattler Ranch, I couldn't be more delighted. The conundrum of what to do with so much fruit is a happy puzzle to solve. So far I've canned peach bellini jam, vanilla white peach and nectarine jam, made sangria, dried peaches, peaches for the winter months are zipped away in the freezer and I still have several boxes for eating and canning. Such bounty, thanks Dad for sharing with me.
This last week we took a little break from peaches and rode over to our new Auburn store with Tim for the day. Littles and I drove up to Nevada City for breakfast, explored a bit
then spent the afternoon at Funfinity, an indoor play place. Where Grady made a new friend!
We ended the day at the Kuest's house, friends of ours from way back. Seeing our Littles play together was awesome.

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