Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trail Buddies.

Grady and I have been trying to take at least 2 bike rides a week, capitalizing on our good fortune of living near the beautiful El Dorado Trail.
Goo rides happily and chattily behind me in his little seat while I huff and puff the steeper portions first, then on our way back we squeal through the wind on the fast trip downhill. When we got back to the car yesterday, we pulled out his little bike and he peddled the half mile to Main Street. His little legs pumping through the "easy" (the paved trail) and the "rough" (off trail).
He rode into town like a champ, and we easily decided what was next...a Sweetie Pies cinnamon roll, of course!
After our treat he happily hopped back on his bike, stopping several times to check his tires. Unfortunately he forgot his tools, supposedly there was work to do on his bike but luckily he decided it could wait until we were home. An older gentleman who looked a little rough around the edges stopped us and asked us to wait while he pulled something painstakingly from his wallet. He handed Grady a $1 bill! Grady thanked him and put the dollar in his little birdhouse that hangs from his handlebar. Such a sweet gesture from a complete stranger.
I lucked out big time with this Little Boy. He really is the happiest child imaginable.

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