Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Little Hike.

For my birthday, I wanted to spend the day in the mountains hiking. Typically at this time of year hiking at high elevations means snowshoeing, which I was looking forward to doing except that there isn't enough snow currently to do so. So hiking it was! Grady, Luxen, Tara and I headed up to Echo Lake after dropping our Little Girls at school.
The Little Boys excitedly played in the bits of ice and snow piles around the lake edge.
We started off on a hike but once we got to a place we could look out over Tahoe valley, the boys started playing so happily and it felt wrong to pull them out of their pretending.
Goo did well for having such little legs to carry him. But he preferred the backpack so he could tell me what to do or "be my friend" as he would say. And whenever he was ready, I was happy to carry him in the pack, it feels so cozy like a big hug. 
I'm looking forward to going again soon, this time with Tim and Little Girls!

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