Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daddy Daughter Dance.

The Littles are down in The Little Girls' room right now, playing kindly with each other and so I figure I have about 10 minutes until the next fight/disagreement/help wanted/help needed type situation that will inevitably present itself.

Friday night was the Daddy Daughter Dance! Tim brought home flowers for Savannah and Ivy, we took these quick photos and they were off to a pre-dance dinner with Kevin, Wrenna and Amani, Mike and Gemma. Once they were out the door, Grady and I headed over with Krista to Tara's house. After the dance all the guys joined us with their daughters and we got to hear all about the dance.
I love this tradition and celebrate the adults (ahem...moms) who make sure the dance continues from year to year.
Oh, and I started my seeds last week. Look how quickly the tomatoes and tomatillos have grown! I can't wait until real Spring!
uh oh. Grady needs help with a photo frame he broke. He is in a fluster because he doesn't want Savannah to see. I'd better be done.

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