Thursday, March 5, 2015

2 Girl Dates.

This week I made a strong effort to spend quality alone time with both The Little Girls. Ivy and I went to the theater and saw the play "Brave Irene", we ate vegan donuts($$!!) and she chose a little stuffed bunny as a keepsake. Ivy named her "Tilvie" after a bunny we follow on Instagram (yes, that's a thing). We held hands throughout the play and she skipped along beside me the whole date. I loved our conversations and really appreciated hearing her (middle child woes). Oh! AND she got to sit in the front seat of the car, next to me--that was the real treat I am pretty sure. I didn't take any photos of my girl date with Ivy, cameras weren't allowed in the theater and I was having so much fun with just her, I forgot all about capturing the moment.

Same with my girl date with Savannah.
Savannah and I went out last night to Chipotle and then to TJMaxx. She was so funny, talking a mile a minute and shoving food in her mouth like a ravenous beast! She was telling me all about her friends and 3rd grade boys. Then we ran into one of those boys at the restaurant! She was so embarrassed and wanted to hide behind me but he was obviously shy and bright red in the cheeks too. She didn't stop talking all throughout our shopping trip and was so silly. It was as if she knew she only had my complete attention for a short while and had to make the most of it. She would do a very awkward and ridiculous marching dance every time she tried something on in the fitting room. I took a video per her request, I won't show it here but believe me it is crazy. There were 2 sounds in TJMaxx last night: Ed Sheeran's song coming from the overhead speakers and Miss Savannah Jane's giggles erupting from any and all departments as we made our way through the store. It was so so so much fun.

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