Monday, March 16, 2015


On Monday afternoons The Little Girls attend sewing classes at The Sewing Room. Their teacher, Miss Emily, guides her students through adorable and useful projects. They finished a fun skirt today (photo at the end) during class and while Grady napped, I took a little drive around the Southside of town to do a bit of exploring. And just as I was finishing up my quiet drive, I stumbled upon The Old City Cemetery.

This graveyard sits above Main Street Placerville, I've seen it from the freeway a few times before but wasn't quite sure how to get to it. Many of the headstones are broken or in disrepair, faded and covered in moss or fungus. But all of them are as old as the town itself, famous for The Gold Rush and it's nickname: Old Hangtown.
This lovely spot, surrounded by beautiful wrought iron fencing, has a special view of the town center and looking further East towards the Sierras. I'd like to go back and investigate further as I ran out of time and needed to head back to collect The Little Girls.

And when I did, they were all out on the steps of their sewing classroom taking photos of their finished skirts. 
Side note: In it's earliest years, this building was the town brothel! The tunnel from Main Street (a saloon or bar establishment downtown) to the classroom is still there, sealed off but nonetheless visible as a window to the past.

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