Friday, August 29, 2014


My friend Edie is a big community advocate. She is on the board of the CCAC, volunteers at Snowline Hospice and has an incredibly storied life. Currently she is remodeling (by herself) a large, formerly derelict, house on 2 acres...she is in her 70s! She has been very kind to me and I am inspired by her self-reliance and her commitment to relationships. I appreciate her friendship greatly. Edie's property shares a fence line with a large fruit grower in our town, Rainbow Orchards (the Barn Dance's host). The owner asked if she would like to glean the remainder of the blueberries still on the bushes as the farm is no longer picking. She invited me to come glean whenever I could, I still can't believe my good fortune! On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Goo and I hiked Edie's lower property line to Rainbow where blueberries sat lazily, plump and juicy. I picked and weighed 40 pounds of blues. Goo documented my work,
On Tuesday he was so proud of my score saying, "Mama, you a good picka!"
Thank you Edie for inviting me to glean and thank you Rainbow Orchards for your willingness to share with your neighbors your bountiful crops.

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