Monday, August 18, 2014

Little Girls.

I remember when Savannah was 2 and Ivy just newborn, thinking ahead to school and what it would be like to not have The Little Girls with me everyday, all day. I remember shuddering with that thought feeling it the most unnatural notion to be out of reach of my babies. Now I am way past that wondering and in the thick of it and you know? I shudder every morning with the thought of our separation. Sure it is nice to have one on one time with Goo and to get a chore done quicker without the eventual needs of 2 other Littles, to not feel stretched thin between the 3, but I miss my girls and knowing this transition into the new school year has been rough on them both makes their absence palpable. I miss their laughter and the stories they tell while playing. I miss their schemes and plotting, their big questions about life and their touch (oh the hand holding...sniff sniff). The day doesn't feel right until both Little Girls have stepped off the bus and are running into my arms.

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