Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Little Goo Stuff.

This Goo...
is all kinds of awesome. He just discovered the joy of playing pirates. If he isn't marching around in just his under-roos, then he is wearing the pirate costume. Raising a little boy is super fun. Yesterday we were in the school office filling out paperwork and Goo marched behind the partition to visit the fish tank. He called me over and said, "Dis guy? Dis GUY? Do see him? He bad-guy."
I looked at the fish, mouth suctioned to the side of the tank. "This one?"
"Yeah, he bad-guy fish."
"What makes him a bad guy?"
"Do see his moostach?"
"His mustache?"
"Yeah. Him's moostach have mussles. Big mussles. Rewlly strong mussles."
"Oh, I see."
While I was working on a painting project today, Goo climbed up on top of a big wagon filled with firewood (in just his under-roos and a hardhat and tennis shoes) and started pushing all the wood off the side of the cart screaming, "SHUT IT DOWN! I SAID SHUTITDOWN!" then a couple seconds later in another voice "Okay I shut it down!" then in his regular voice "NO, IT NOT! Shut it DOWN!" It went on like this for a long time at which point I started videoing and he stopped and cared very little about his pretending and wanted to see the video.  

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