Friday, August 1, 2014

The Good Stuff.

The garden here at The Hut is going strong. There are bags of vegetables in the refrigerator waiting to be canned or pickled. The heat here has been intense and so I am anxiously awaiting a cool day to heat up the canning water bath. My favorite time of day is walking down to the garden to see what's ripe and ready to eat for dinner. A fun way to be creative with fresh food.
At the end of June I broke a toe. The same toe I broke weeks before I got married and again weeks before I graduated college. This recent injury has hit me hard physically, of course, but more so mentally. Running for me, is therapy. It clears the cloudiness in my head and puts my anxious body at ease for the remainder of the day. Without this daily ritual, a blueness creeps in and waits for me to become weak in temper or patience. So I've seen some dark days this month of July, and I am relieved to have them behind me. I am still a week or more away from lacing up my running shoes but I know my early morning sessions are coming soon. What are the chances of breaking the same toe 3 times? I know now what it means--my feet are literally telling my brain to stop in the chaos and pay attention to my life, the steps that are ahead but also to be attentive to the present moment. While I typically am stubbornly slow at implementing lessons needing to be learned, I tried in those bluish moods to relax, be still and sip slowly on this precious time at home with My Littles. 

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