Thursday, August 14, 2014

1st and 3rd.

Yesterday was The Little Girls' first day of school.
Ivy is very happy to have Savannah's 1st grade teacher. Also she is in the same classroom as 2 of her favorite friends from last year. I think this is going to be a year of tremendous growth for Ivy, both scholastically and personally. It was so fun for her to share her birthday with the first day of school. She was well celebrated and brought a treat to share with everyone.
Both girls share recess times, lunch times and bus rides. I was touched to hear they played together at both of their recesses yesterday as well as sat together on the bus.
There is a lot of newness for Savannah this year. Her teacher is an artist and a phenomenal instructor, we are super excited about that. 3rd grade is more intensive and more is expected out of her in regard to independence and responsibility.  Last year I volunteered 5 days a week in Savannah's classroom. This year I'm not sure her new teacher will look to parents to volunteer inside the class. I'm a bit torn up about it and she wishes I were there. Luckily her 2 closest friends are in her class and sitting very near her. I took this photo just before she told me she needed to leave the classroom. Once we reached the threshold she jumped into my arms and burst into tears.
She missed the second day of school due to a fever and stomach bug, I'm hoping she will feel well enough to return tomorrow and finish the week strong.

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