Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Little Look Back.

The Littles and I started off our Labor Day weekend the best way we could: by waking up early to be the first in line to get Apple Cider Donuts! Except we weren't first in line, we were second behind Tara and her Littles. Yes, Apple Hill Season is open. You know what is just THE BEST throughout these next few months? The smell early in the morning while out running, all those goodies being baked at the local shops. Mmm...
We now have biking gear for all of us here at The Hut. We took a nice ride Saturday morning as a family.
The Potter's had a BBQ this weekend. I love our time at their ranch. Littles are running everywhere and playing such fun games,
and adults chat while looking out at the scenic property. I wish you could feel how I feel when we spend time at the Potter's. The food and drink are so delicious (there are some great cooks in this bunch) and the whole time I am not wanting the evening to pass too quickly, especially when the sun is setting and the sky looks as if it is on fire.

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