Thursday, September 25, 2014

Over The Rainbow.

Yesterday Ivy's class took a fieldtrip down the street to Rainbow Orchards. This visit is the first of four trips to Rainbow as the farm hosts 1st graders one day out of every season. The Garden teacher Mrs. Frost (that is really, truly her name), encourages the students to pick an apple tree and study it's change from season to season. Farmer Tom (owner) takes the students on a hike around the farm and teaches the students about agriculture. I love this fieldtrip, I was lucky enough to go on Savannah's fieldtrips to Rainbow when she was in 1st. Thanks Grandpa Dan for watching Goo for me!
Johnny Appleseed came to visit the students and read them a story of his travels.
Here "The Donut Queen" (Krista Campbell, owner of Rainbow) gives the students a tour of the cider mill, barn and kitchen (where the magic happens).
The magic.
I just want to say a little something about Apple Hill:
I know we have this crazy fire (King Fire) burning here right now. The fire has made business difficult for the many farms in Apple Hill: CUSTOMERS NEEDED. Today's rain brought fire containment to 55%, which is huge progress. Over 8,000 firefighters are working hard, it's really something to see these crews during a shift change. This morning on our short drive to school we watched as an impressive caravan of firefighters from Los Angeles Fire Department headed back to fire camp. I could barely keep back the tears. Fire trucks from all over pass our house in a steady flow throughout the day; Novato, San Bernardino, Incline Village, Fremont, Calistoga, Los Angeles...
I say this all because I want you to know how proud we are here in this 'neck of the woods', we love where we live and want to share our joy of harvest with you. Right now there is so much pride living inside the people of this community, we have so much worth protecting, so much to be thankful for and I hope you get the opportunity to visit Apple Hill in the coming days or weeks and see what I mean. Come eat some donuts and see the firefighters. Just come.   

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