Monday, September 8, 2014

Car Camping.

This weekend we met up with friends from college (and high school) near June Lake off Hwy 395. Highway 395 is a favorite drive for both Tim and I so we were happy to meet The Whitcomb's (Jay, Stephanie, Julia & Thomas) and The Evan's (Brian, April, Sam & Maddie) at Glass Campground.
We celebrated Tim,
ate delicious food (we split up the cooking--each family was responsible for 2 meals, which was so great),
and enjoyed good company/conversation around the campfire.
All of our Littles played so well together, they made the most clever fort! With pride, all of us parents watched their progress from the campfire. So fun to see them work towards a common goal.
This was about half way through the construction. They did all the cutting themselves and only needed help from the dads a few times to haul logs. 
Ivy stuck close to me a lot this weekend when she wasn't helping with the fort. She was such a little nature girl, bringing me smooth or soft looking rocks and tree bark with interesting patterns.
We also spent an afternoon at stunning June Lake, I'll share those photos tomorrow.

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